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30 Oct 2015 

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Raspberry Martini

by: Marjie Martini

The Raspberry Martini

As always insight comes to me, in the latest hour of the evening. In this case, the evening ended early. Which, contrary to popular belief women do go home early, usually after a very successful evening. Even when the evening had the potential of scoring with a man. On this successful evening a new flavor crossed my lips, it was the Raspberry Ripple Martini. This Martini delighted me; it broke me away from my favorite the Vanilla Sky Martini. As I sat at my favorite Martini Bar, my amazing girly friend selected this specialty form the martini menu. The Ripple is a mixture of Razberi Stolichnaya Vodka and White Crme de Cacao shaken with Cranberry juice and garnished with a lime to give it a hint of sour.

I liked this Martini instantly because it was sweet, just like my girlfriend, who is so amazing but has the nasty, sexy side, which I admire and love. The conversation, which evolved after just one of the Raspberry Ripples, amazed me. The on going ever changing decision of do you sleep with the guy on the first date on not????

The situation: my girlfriend the very sweet/sex kitten girl is at a party hanging out with this boy (who is friends of her ex). The Boy (recently single after long-term relationship) hits on my girlfriend. Interesting? Yes! A very fun night with lots and lots of cocktails prevail. Edit to: cab to hotel, touchy and feely in cab ride.

Edit to: in the hotel room they are very martini silly and having an excellent time. Just guess what happened next???? The Code??

The Raspberry Martini is very sweet at the start but as it swirls the white crme de cacao kicks in and stays in your mouth, just like the sensation of the first night with a new man!! The kissing, the touching, all the tingling of the first intimate encounter. Aahhhh, the new man. Then you are introduced to the tingle of the cranberry, just the hint of bitterness, with that the realization that he is damaged goods. Yes, he is your exs friend but that is from 6 months ago (should it matter?) According to the code of men, it does matter! THE CODE: no friend shall have intimate affairs (sex) with another friends ex-girlfriend until the friend is successfully over the girl or a significant amount of time has passed (6-12 months).

The hint of the lime gave way to my girlfriends morals. Ya have to respect the morals of a women who says no even when she really likes sex, because that is a killer. When a woman says no, because of morals there is no giving way. The women is so horny and pent up all she wants to do is go for it, but in the moment of lucidity she realizes that this could come back to bit her in the ass. Not because of the ex, but because she might actually like this guy. The guy wants to die, he has blue balled himself, and so horny but has the loyalty to his friend. Like the raspberry martini, the situation leads to the two of them under the covers of the bed, still clothed and messing around, with the covers getting more and more rippled.


Just like the ending of this girlie evening, nothing happened. Morals ruled and the code was upheld. The Raspberry Martini, we have learned is a martini not to mess with. It has the sweetest of everything you want, the anticipation of a new encounter with the bitterness of the realization of morals and obligations and the final sting of lime that women sex dating always leaves you wanting more and never quite complete. But every once in awhile we forget and get lonely enough to take the risk of the Raspberry, just to remind ourselves that it isnt always about the score, sometimes it is about having fun and going home early to the sweetness of the Raspberry Martini.

About The Author

Marjie Martini is the celebrated author of Martinis At Midnight, the definitive guide to life, love and Martinis. Get your free weekly Martini Recipe by signing up for my newsletter.


This article was posted on August 27, 2006

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The Seven Types of Sexual Discrimination in the Workplace

29 Oct 2015 
For decades, sexual discrimination has been one of the most argued employment issues in the country. This is because employers still provide unequal pay between the two genders in spite of the several federal and state laws prohibiting them from doing so. If you are new to this kind of issue, you should know that there are several kinds of sexual discrimination in the workplace. Below are seven "tangible actions" that are based on discrimination:

Job application or when hiring A male employee applies for a secretarial job. The employer refuses to hire him because he only wants female secretaries in his office. Wrongful or discriminatory termination A female employee was terminated by her employer for not wearing skirts and skimpy female clothing. He said she was not "female enough". During promotions or demotions A male employee was promoted while a female employee who has the same skills was not. Stagnant salaries A male employee has worked for a company for several years already and has taken responsibility of a lot of tasks. Then, a new female worker was immediately given girl women escort a salary raise after a few months. Failure to provide benefits to some employees A pregnant employee was not given pregnancy leaves and benefits by her employer. Unequal pay between both sexes A male and a female worker, who have the same skills and specialties and work in the same position have different salary rates. Harassment actions and statements regarding a person's gender An employer or supervisor makes offensive and sexual statements about an employee's appearance.

All these seven actions are prohibited under federal labor laws. Under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, employees should not be discriminated against based on their race, age, gender, religion or disability. There are also state laws that do not tolerate discrimination at work. California, for instance, has the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) which covers private and public companies, labor organizations and agencies and local governments that have more than five employees.

If you have been subject to discrimination by your employer, you have the right to file legal charges against him. There are several expert discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles who can stand for your rights and pursue your case.

It seems sexual discrimination is an employment problem that is here to stay. If you have some complaints or concerns regarding this issue, just go to a Los Angeles labor lawyer to provide valuable legal help.

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Online Speed casual dating In Manchester Learn How Its Done

08 Sep 2015 
On the web Speed Dating In Manchester Understand How Its Accomplished

On-line Speed Dating In Manchester

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Ive been chatting to various people on Dating the UK for any couple of months now. I was early sufficient to catch the launch celebration and met some individuals in true life. Its a genuinely friendly web site exactly where the organisers listen to the feedback, get involved and actively encourage new activities, and what is much more it delivers the most effective worth for funds on the web.


I have met and fallen in really like with a darling of a girl via the Dating The UK Dating internet site. She is every thing I could ever have possibly hoped for and far, far, much more. Others may possibly like take note that this deep adore affair was determined by wooing with thousands and a large number of stunning words by e mail ahead of we even exchanged telephone numbers and subsequently met. So much a lot more could be said with words, and a single can only emphasise that the significance of a courtship began within this way will be much more meaningful to discovering what a achievable suitor is genuinely about as opposed to hurrying along as well swiftly by telephoning or rushing into a date one particular is ill ready for.

We can not possibly be happier and nonetheless must pinch ourselves that what has happened is reality and for that were so grateful that we each joined Kindred Spirits and have come together in such blissful harmony. This is a really like story in the quite greatest and most gorgeous sort. Thank you Dating The UK

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Interracial casual dating Does It Turn You On

08 Sep 2015 
Interracial Dating-Does It Turn You On?

Interracial dating and intermarriage has increased inside the last century because of higher human mobility and multiculturalism. It should be remembered that private preferences and also the presence or absence of prejudice are irrelevant to individuals that are born and die inside the same town or city, which was typically the case prior to the invention of the automobile as well as the jet plane. Prior to the 20th century, together with the exception of soldiers and traders, a lot of people hardly ever interacted with foreigners.

Even the term "interracial dating" is topic to interpretation. Often folks take it to mean marriage between caucasians, asians and blacks. Nevertheless, most of the people have strong historic, national and linguistic identities at the same time, which may result in far more interpersonal variations than just ethnological definitions of race. For instance, most caucasians would not view a union in between Korean and Japanese nationals as a "mixed marriage"; however, many Koreans and Japanese would heartily disagree.

In accordance with USA Right now, in America 6% of marriages are interracial; in 1970, it was significantly less than 1%. A Gallup Poll on interracial dating in June 2005 reported that 95% of 18- to 29-year-olds approve of blacks and whites dating. About 60% of that age group stated theyve dated a person of a diverse race.

This amount of tolerance did not always exist. Anti-miscegenation laws utilised to be quite frequent in America. They were initial passed within the 1600s to prevent freed black slaves from marrying whites.

Far more such laws had been passed within the 1700s and 1800s as a response to an influx of Chinese and Filipino laborers, virtually exclusively male. Within this case, anti-miscegenation laws were component of a larger anti-asian movement that ultimately led for the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882 and also other restrictive regulations. These laws really excacerbated ethnic tensions due to the fact asian males were no longer allowed to bring their wives to America. Those who wanted to marry had no other decision but to seek out a non-asian companion.

Right after World War II, racial barriers began to lessen somewhat as U.S. servicemen who had fought and had been stationed overseas in Asian countries returned with asian "war brides" of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, and Vietnamese origin.

It was only in 1967, through the height of the Civil Rights Movement, that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that miscegenation laws had been unconstitutional (Loving v. Virginia). At that time, 38 states nonetheless had formal laws on their books to forbid the marriage of whites and non-whites. Within this era, these laws nevertheless had widespread public assistance: just two years earlier, a 1965 Galllup poll discovered that 72 per cent of Southern whites and 42 per cent of Northern whites still wanted to ban interracial marriage.

Especially inside the Southern states, there was widespread public fear particularly over predatory black males lusting following white women, and white women being unable to resist their charms. Black guys who merely looked at white women had been in danger of getting lynched. In one particular well-known case, a 14 year-old black boy named Emmett Till, who whistled at a white lady, was murdered by Mississippi Klansmen in 1955. There was no equivalent amount of high-pitched racist hysteria about black females or asians.

Studies consistently show that asians possess the highest rates of intermarriage, and that Japanese would be the most likely to have a white spouse. Those who are probably to marry within their own ethnic group are Vietnamese women and men, Korean husbands and Asian Indian wives. Most asians who marry a non-asian have a white spouse; intermarriage with blacks and latinos is much less common. Nonetheless, even among asians, many people nonetheless marry someone of their own racial group. 22 percent of Asian-American ladies possess a non-asian husband. A mere nine percent of asian husbands have non-asian wives

The 2000 Census showed a gender disparity in the composition of interracial couples. The Census Bureau confirmed numerous black womens complaints that white females have a tendency to marry black men much more frequently than white men marry black women. At present, six % of black husbands are in an interracial marriage, in comparison to only two % of black wives. Fourteen % of black guys who are cohabiting with no marriage possess a white lady living with them, whilst only 3 percent of cohabiting black females live using a white man.

African-American guys had white wives 2.65 instances far more frequently than black women had white husbands. In other words, in 73 percent of black-white marriages, the husband was black. This trend is a lot more pronounced amongst black-white couples who cohabit without being married; in this case, five times as numerous black men reside with white females as white guys live with black females.

18 percent of Asian wives have white husbands, whilst merely seven percent of asian husbands have white wives. The sex ratios of asian/white couples would be the mirror image of black/white marriages. Asian girls had white husbands three.08 instances much more typically than asian guys had white wives. In other words, slightly more than 75 percent of white-asian couples featured a white husband and asian wife. Nonetheless, as opposed to the predicament with black/white couples, the gender imbalance is slightly significantly less with cohabiting couples; only 2.09 occasions as numerous white males cohabited with asian females as asian males cohabited with white girls.

Black-asian marriages, for example the one particular that developed golf legend Tiger Woods, are nonetheless rare, but right here the gender imbalance is even more pronounced than interracial pairings involving whites. 86 percent of black-asian couples consisted of a black husband and an Asian wife. This means that there had been 6.15 times more couples where the husband was black and the wife was asian than where the husband was asian and the wife black.

Non-Hispanic whites marry other whites 96.five percent in the time, with small difference in between men and women within the prices of intermarriage.

Slightly much less than 18 % of Hispanic wives are wed to non-Hispanics husbands, as well as a little more than 15 percent of Hispanic husbands have non-Hispanic wives.

This gender discrepancy has grown bigger more than time; in 1960, white husbands have been discovered in 50% of black/white marriages, and in 62% of asian/white marriages. The social outcome of this imbalance can be a lack of marital opportunities for black girls and asian men.

It truly is tempting to blame media-driven social stereotypes for the massive gender discrepancy in black and asian intermarriage. Black males are prominent in sports have frequently been depicted in films as icons of virility. Americans engage in hero-worship of sports figures, and in spite of the typical low earnings of lack males, elite black athletes are wealthy and well-known.

Black girls are hardly ever cast in very sexualized film roles. Nevertheless, black women are prominent in sports, and are frequently on stage as glamorous singers and dancers. Additionally, black males are have high incarceration prices, earn reduced See here now incomes and are less likely to obtain post-secondary education than black girls. For practical causes, a single would expect black women to be viewed on average as far more desirable mates than black men.

Even so, according to a 2005 study done at Columbia University by Aaron Gullickson, black with college degrees are 35% a lot more most likely to enter into interracial marriages than blacks with much less education, and lower-class blacks showed "strong isolation from the interracial marriage market". Whites who marry blacks engage in cherry-picking, removing only probably the most productive folks from a disadvantaged minority neighborhood sorely in want of successful part models. The Columbia study showed no correlation between educational level and interracial marriage for white spouses of blacks.

The image of asians might be far more clear-cut and constant; Asian females are presented as quiet, delicate and exotic. Asian guys, together with the exception of martial-arts films, are portrayed as "nerdy", unathletic intellectuals. Actually, asians (both women and men) are slightly smaller than the national average size. Asians have already been known as a "model minority", for they have a tendency to become well-educated, hard-working and law-abiding. Nonetheless, judging from the low price of intermarriage for asian males, it seems that these old-fashioned personal virtues are less appealing to ladies than a hypermasculine, macho image.

Inside the look for a mate, men and women say they are high-minded and seek out beauty inside, and that their mates personalities would be the most important element in determining the outcome of a connection. However it is abundantly clear that people are really superficial and nonetheless to adhere to age-old sex stereotypes : ladies uncover muscular, aggressive males appealing, even though males idealize the image of non-threatening, demure, petite females. Inside the publics mind, if not in reality, black men and asian females match these social roles, and are therefor most fashionable as dates and spouses.

2005 Census information was derived from counts of all 54,493,232 married couples in America as of April 1, 2000. Due to the big population surveyed, these statistics are really trustworthy. Census enumeration is made after every 10 years. The Census Bureau also releases annual Existing Population Survey reports on "Families and Living Arrangements," but these are depending on sample sizes as well tiny to become entirely trustworthy.

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On the web Speed Adult Dating In Manchester Learn How Its Done

10 Feb 2015 

Online Speed Adult Dating In Manchester

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Ive been chatting to a variety of individuals on Adult Dating the UK for any couple of months now. I was early enough to catch the launch party and met many people in true life. Its a actually friendly website where the organisers listen towards the feedback, get involved and actively encourage new activities, and whats far more it delivers the top worth for funds on the internet.


Ive met and fallen in really like having a darling of a girl via the Adult Dating The UK Adult Dating web site. She is everything I could ever have possibly hoped for and far, far, a lot more. Others may possibly like take note that this deep adore affair was according to wooing with thousands and a large number of stunning words by email ahead of we even exchanged telephone numbers and subsequently met. So much much more might be said with words, and one particular can only emphasise that the importance of a courtship began within this way will likely be far more meaningful to discovering what a feasible suitor is really about as an alternative to hurrying along also swiftly by telephoning or rushing into a date a single is ill ready for.

We cannot possibly be happier and nevertheless have to pinch ourselves that what has happened is reality and for that were so grateful that we both joined Kindred Spirits and have come together in such blissful harmony. This is a really like story on the extremely greatest and most lovely type. Thank you Adult Dating The UK

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